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Can I Get Help From the Broker?

Of Course! We’re a full service real estate brokerage. We make ourselves available to all our clients. We are by your side throughout the whole process. 

Do I Have to Pay a Buyer's Agent Commission if I Find my Own Buyer?

No, you are not required to pay the buyers agent designated commission if you find your own buyer.

Do I Have To Pay A Buyer's Agent Commissions?

The answer to this is Yes and No. The MLS requires that we share our commission with a buyer’s agent if one is involved in the transaction. Traditionally, 6% agencies would share their commission 50/50 or 3% to the selling agency and 3% to the buyer’s agency. If no buyers agent was involved, you still paid the selling agency the 6% because that’s what you agreed to pay them.

In our model, we charge a flat fee for our services, but we also have to charge something for the buyer’s agent because the MLS requires us to do that. However, if there isn’t a buyer’s agent, then our contract states you do not have to pay the buyer’s agent fee.

The commission you’re willing to pay to the buyer’s agent must be stated upfront on the MLS listing details and listing agreement. We recommend that you offer a commission between 2% – 3% because your listing will be competing with other listings for agent’s attention within your area. But ultimately it’s completely up to you what you’d like to offer.

How Many Photos Will I Get?

We do not limit you to any number of photos, but it’s recommended you don’t have more than 50; after that it’s just too many for most buyers. You just need enough photos to interest buyers to come see your house. Once at your house, your house will do the selling.

How can the MLS help sell my home?

On an hourly basis real estate agents look on the MLS for new listings as they have qualified buyers ready to purchase a home. The majority of all buyers are represented by a real estate agent because it’s completely free to them. And a real estate agent will always start their search on the MLS.

Once your house is listed on the MLS, an automated email will go out to all those buyer’s looking for a house like yours. This makes your property visible to hundreds of buyers currently in the market.


What is the MLS?

The MLS is a large database that real estate agents & brokers use to list and find available homes for qualified buyers. When you get listed on the MLS, you literally have hundreds of agents now trying to sell your home. 98% of all homes in Utah are sold using the MLS.